• Scenes from Undurra Arabians
  • Scenes from Undurra Arabians
  • Scenes from Undurra Arabians
  • Scenes from Undurra Arabians
  • Scenes from Undurra Arabians
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Opportunities to purchase an Undurra Arabian for the future


An Undurra Arabian for the future......

Here is your chance to start with a weanling ...a special opportunity to purchase a young Undurra Arabian for the future.

undurra bella 20170401 1204053667 Undurra Bella (registration being processed)

liver chestnut filly

Born 3.1.17

Sire: Simeon Shatah            view pedigree

Dam:Undurra Simone          view pedigree

Strain: Kehaileh Mimrieh


undurra satine and 2017 foal 20170401 1576904463 Undurra Venus (registration being processed)

black/grey filly

Born 26.1.17

Sire: Simeon Shatah           view pedigree

Dam: Undurra Satine          view pedigree

Strain: KehailehDajanieh


ssassnssgssesslssissqssussesssss ss2ss0ss1ss6ss sscssosslsstss 20170209 1332838606Undurra Marco (registration being processed)

chestnut/grey colt

Born 3.10.16

Sire: Simeon Shatah           view pedigree

Dam Undurra Angelique     view pedigree

Strain: Kehaileh Dajaneih




Exciting Undurra arabians available for purchase


Time to buy an Undurra arabian!

Many of our arabians are out there doing amazing things...

  • endurance
  • trails
  • showing
  • breeding
  • growing up to fulfil a dream
  • or just being the most wonderful friend you can have

Make one of these beautiful arabians your next 'bestie'


jack with bob 20170221 1008820689 Undurra Jack (view pedigree) with Bob. Jack is a very laid back gelding.

simeon saadli 20131110 1540943107 Simeon Saadli (view pedigree) is a beautiful straight Egyptian son of the legendary Asfour

ssassnssgssesslssissqssussesssss ss2ss0ss1ss6ss sscssosslsstss 20170209 1332838606 Undurra Marco (pending) (view pedigree) is Undurra 'royalty'. His dam is Undurra Angelique and his sire is Simeon Shatah. This Russian/Egyptian/Australian colt has winning endurance siblings and half siblings in Australia, Dubai and Malaysia.

undurra alissa 20160121 1157802334 Undurra Alissa (view pedigree) -9yo black/grey mare, great mum, sound with powerful moverment

undurra homer 20160118 1395439103 Undurra Homer (view pedigree) - 4yo gelding who would love to make your dreams come true

undurra matilda 3 year old filly 20160120 2099548117 Undurra Matilda (view pedigree) - 4yo filly born black by our Asfour son Simeon Saadli. Matilda is a lovely soft filly who would love to please you

undurra serene 20160211 1446767948 Undurra Serine (view pedigree) - 4yo Russian/Egyptian filly with some seriously good endurance arabians for full siblings. Serine is a gentle filly who loves to please


  ss2ss0ss1ss6ss 20170212 1191424652  ssussnssdssussrssrssass ss2ss0ss1ss6ss ss1ss7ss ssfssossasslsssss 20170114 1768403135 undurra satine 2 20170221 1730840930 ...or one of our 2016-17 foals





Undurra Alissa young black grey mare is available for purchase


undurra alissa 20160121 19218246551 undurra alissa 20160121 15767664201 undurra alissa 20160121 16195419941 undurra alissa 20160121 11578023341 

Undurra Alissa young black grey mare is available for purchase

undurra alissa 20110318 1011639830thumbs undurra alissa 20110318 1019937094thumb undurra alissa 20110318 1136488742thumb

       undurra alissa 20110318 1452326698thumbs undurra alissa 20110318 1756045827thumb undurra alissa and colt undurra rowdy 20120516 1903740958thumb foals by simeon shatah 20120516 1379234620thumbs


view pedigree

Undurra Alissa  black/grey mare born 6.9.07

strain: Damieh Om Aamr Of Ibn Hemsi's

SIRE: Undurra Dreamweaver

Dam:Undurra Monalisa

Alissa is an athletic mare. She is young and a good mother and her future could be as a broodmare or in endurance/performance. 

She is about 15h and is not broken in. She has  'black' bloodlines on both sides of her pedigree. 

Alissa is a big mover with excellent legs, a lovely long neck and strong hindquarter. She just loves to move.


Undurra Matilda available for purchase


view pedigree of Undurra Matildaundurra matilda is available for purchase 20160120 16020932071 pretty undurra matilda 20160120 12312570931 undurra matilda-3 year old filly 20160120 20995481171 Undurra Matilda

undurra progeny by simeon saadli asfour son 20160118 14569307291 Undurra Matilda (left) Undurra Homer (right) 

undurra 3 year olds by simeon saadli 20160118 11526813211 Undurra Matilda on the right, next to her 3/4 brother Undurra Homer

undurra 3 year olds by asfour son 20160118 16495211951 Undurra Matilda on the left with Undurra Homer - right

Undurra Matilda (black/grey) is a pretty 4 year old filly who is available for purchase.

SIRE: Simeon Saadli (Asfour x Ibtehag Albadeia)

DAM: Undurra Monalisa (Simeon Shoah x Close Encounter)

BORN: 5.11.12



Undurra Homer, a gelding ready for a big future


view pedigree of Undurra Homer undurra homer gelding available for purchase 20160119 17188265101   undurra homer - a great mover 20160119 12164078181 

undurra homer- egyptian and russian bloodlines 20160119 16922197871  undurra homer strain damieh om aamr of ibn hemsi s 20160119 17626149571    undurra homer and bob 20160118 12957724621  undurra homer 20160118 13954391031

undurra 3 year olds by simeon saadli 20160118 11526813211 Undurra Homer on left


Undurra Homer is an exciting young gelding who could be your next endurance arabian, your show arabian or your trail arabian.

SIRE: Simeon Saadli (Asfour x Ibtehag Albadeia)

DAM: Undurra Mia (Simeon Shatah x Undurra Monalisa by Simeon Shoah)

BORN: 15.11.12 


Undurra arabians- horses for sale


Simeon Saadli  (AU) S25733

view pedigree


black/grey straight Egyptian

born 1.10.08

Strain: Hadban Enzahi

SIRE: Asfour (Germany)

DAM: Ibtehag Albadeia (Egypt)


Undurra Serine (AU) F31679

view pedigree


chestnut/grey Egyptian/ Russian

born 14.12.12

Strain: Kehaileh Mimrieh

SIRE: Simeon Shatah (Akid Geshan US)

DAM: Undurra Simone (Simeon Shoah)


Undurra Alissa (AU) F28740

view pedigree


black/grey Egyptian/ Spanish

born 6.9.07

Strain: Damieh Om Aamr Of Ibn Hemsi's

SIRE:Undurra Dreamweaver (Anaza Bey Shah US)

DAM: Undurra Monalisa (Simeon Shoah)


Undurra Matilda (AU) F31678

view pedigree 


black/grey Egyptian/ Spanish

born 5.11.12

Strain: Damieh Om Aamr Of Ibn Hemsi's

SIRE: Simeon Saadli (Asfour) straight Egyptian

DAM: Undurra Monalisa (Simeon Shoah)


Undurra Homer (AU) G26603

view pedigree


chestnut/grey Egyptian Russian/ Spanish

born 5.11.12

Strain: Damieh Om Aamr Of Ibn Hemsi's

SIRE: Simeon Saadli  (Asfour) straight Egyptian

DAM: Undurra Mia (Simeon Shatah)










Asfour son available for purchase


simeon saadli 20131110 14441285201    simeon saadli 20131110 16148265841  simeon saadli 20131110 15409431071  simeon saadli 20131110 18510846761  simeon saadli 20131110 19819795951  simeon saadli 20131111 14202559761 

Simeon Saadli

being broken in at Forest Edge Equestrian Centre with Marcus

November 2013 

simeon saadli 20131110 13377393541  simeon saadli 20131111 13436439441  simeon saadli 20131111 20766933941 simeon saadli 20131111 19423629291 

Simeon Saadli


straight Egyptian black/grey stallion 

 view pedigree

born 1.10.08

strain Hadban Enzahi

Sire: Asfour

Dam: Ibtehag Albadeia

This is a very special opportunity to purchase an Asfour stallion- Simeon Saadli. Asfour is highly regarded around the world as the sire of classically beautiful arabians. Saadli's dam is the multi Champion Ibtehag Albadeia imported from Egypt.

Saadli has just begun his breaking in and education - seen here with Marcus at Forest Edge Equestrian Centre, Victoria, Australia. 

Saadli has enormous potential as a ridden arabian in dressage, eventing or endurance. He has very sound legs, is smart and willing and looks a picture under saddle.  He is very athletic and has made great progress in the dressage arena and out on trails through the Australian bush.

The bloodlines carried by Simeon Saadli are precious bloodlines and valued worldwide. Saadli has  proven himself as a sire, having sired three very nice foals for us. They can be viewed on our website. 


Undurra Serine -2012 filly with endurance bloodlines


Undurra Serine is available for purchase 

 born 14.12.12

Egyptian /Russian filly F31679

strain: Kehaileh Mimrieh

view pedigree


                                                    undurra serine 20140102 14856451651  undurra serine 20140102 15232420481  undurra serine 20140102 12667974161

                                                undurra serine 20140102 18164505571   undurra serine 20140102 20283166981  undurra serine 20140102 20202172101 

Serine  has much sought after bloodlines being by our exotic Egyptian/Russian stallion Simeon Shatah (Akid Geshan x Simeon Savion). Her dam Undurra Simone is half Russian/half Egyptian and she is the dam of successful Undurra endurance arabians in Tasmania, Australia and The Middle East.

Undurra Simone's sire is Simeon Shoah and her grand-sire is Simeon Seth'na - both of these arabians also feature in the pedigrees of some very successful Undurra endurance arabians in Australia, the Middle East and Malaysia.

Serine has two full brothers who are successful endurance arabians-

-Undurra Shimon winning in Tasmania, Australia and exported to The Middle East via the World Endurance Games in the UK in  2012.

-Undurra Shah Khan winning in Tasmania, Australia for Craig Wall

Another Undurra endurance arabian carrying the bloodlines of Simeon Shatah and Simeon Seth'na is Undurra Evangelique, owned by A Mutalib Ismail and competing successfully in endurance in Malaysia.

Undurra Zahir Shah, was sold as a weanling and went on to be awarded South Australian High Point Endurance Horse (Middleweight). Zahir Shah has the bloodlines of Simeon Shoah and Simeon Seth'na (Russian).

Undurra Geisha, owned by Dale Press in Tasmania, Australia is a gutsy endurance mare who has had some great rides over 80km and 120km and in 2012 she completed the gruelling Tom Quilty Gold Cup Endurance Ride in Tasmania, coming 6th (Lightweight).

Geisha is by Simeon Shatah and is out of Undurra Siggi by Simeon Seth'na.  


Undurra Homer -exotic 2012 gelding for sale


Undurra Homer G26603

grey gelding born 15.11.12

strain: Damieh Om Aamr Of Ibn Hemsi's

                        undurra homer 20131228 13782129111 

undurra homer 20131228 11656394241  undurra homer 20131228 19400069641

    undurra homer 20131228 14762781201    undurra homer 20131228 14141549791  undurra homer 20131228 14910821001


Homer has an exotic look which is not surprising if you examine his pedigree. He is by the Asfour son Simeon Saadli and is out of one of our pretty young mares - Undurra Mia by Simeon Shatah.

Homer is leggy at the moment and appears as though he may be tall. He looks forward to attention from Bob including feeds from the bucket, washes, brushing, walking around our laneways and general handling lessons.

He is a gentle gelding and he is ready to go on to other things - whether it will be as a companion, on trails, in endurance or in the showring. He's ready to make someone's dreams come true.

view pedigree




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