• Scenes from Undurra Arabians
  • Scenes from Undurra Arabians
  • Scenes from Undurra Arabians
  • Scenes from Undurra Arabians
  • Scenes from Undurra Arabians
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About Undurra Arabians

Bob and Marj Falconer
Undurra Arabians
Victoria, Australia


  undurra 20130309 14794916551

We purchased our first purebred arabian mares in the early 70's and soon our breeding program began. Our foundation mare was the beautiful 1982 Australian Top 10 mare Ralvon Quiseet. Quiseet was bred to such stallions as Milex and Amir El Shaklan and her bloodlines are greatly valued in our stud today. Quiseet was known for her extreme floating trot, a trait she inherited from her International Champion sire Ralvon Pilgrim.

Click to enlarge; Ralvon Quiseet 1982 Australian Top 10 mare 

Above : Ralvon Quiseet by Ralvon Pilgrim - our Australian Top 10 foundation mare

In 1988 we imported Simeon Seth'na from Holland - a straight Russian colt by Peleng. Seth'na was a powerful moving, very tall iridescent chestnut stallion and he has sired a number of progeny who have gone on to be mountain stock horses, pony club mounts, successful endurance horses and valuable breeding mares. The Russian arabian influence in our stud can be seen in the sound conformation, powerful movement and ability to perform. Seth'na has also produced black progeny. Undurra Angelique is a very special daughter of Simeon Seth'na and Ralvon Quiseet and she is the dam of very successful endurance arabians.

Click to enlarge; Nadira of Tersk at Kossak stud Holland 1998            Click to enlarge; Simeon Seth'na at Bendigo race track undurra 20130311 11144280321          undurra 20130309 12406558911

Top Left: We visited Simeon Seth'na's dam, Nadira of Tersk in Holland in 1998

Right: Simeon Seth'na racing at Bendigo, Australia and Seth'na at home in the bush near our farm

Below: Our precious Seth'na daughter Undurra Angelique with foal by Simeon Shoah


 In 1995 we purchased our first straight Egyptian colt - Simeon Shoah, by Anaza Bay Shahh. Shoah was born black and produced black foals. He was a beautiful charismatic, dry desert type who has sired very typey foals both on our farm and for other breeders. He is the sire of Australia's first two embryo transplanted arabian purebred foals for Simeon Stud. Shoah's foals typically have amazing people friendly temperaments, smooth bodies, dry heads and very good legs. His progeny have gone on to become eventers, dressage mounts, straight Egyptian sires, show horses and increasingly they are sought after as successful endurance horses. Undurra Simone, Undurra Monalisa, Undurra Satine and Undurra Lovesong, all by Simeon Shoah,  are valued broodmares for our stud.

Click to enlarge; Marj with Shoah's mum Simeon Sheba at Simeon stud undurra 20130311 16291784701 undurra 20130311 12742562001 undurraa bojangles 9 20110210 19829907211

Left: Marj with Shoah's dam Simeon Sheba at Simeon Stud

Middle: Simeon Shoah

Right: Simeon Shoah foal 

In 2002 we purchased Simeon Shatah, by Akid Geshan. He is an exotic, tall stallion who combines the best of Egyptian and Russian characteristics. He has crossed well with our Seth'na and Shoah mares. We have some lovely Shatah daughters -  Undurra Mia, Undurra Tah'llia and Undurra Tiara, and they are part of the future for our stud. Simeon Shatah's progeny are proving to be very successful endurance horses.Shatah also sires black foals.

undurra 20130311 17310886961 undurra 20130311 18522742911       lyrical amir 6 20130216 1207182179      undurra 20130311 12674002691 

Left: Simeon Shatah at home and winning a ribbon

Right: Black colt by Simeon Shatah

Below: Simeon Shatah mare Undurra Tah'llia


In 2003 we purchased our first straight Egyptian bay mare Simeon Safta by Simeon Sadik. Safta is stunningly beautiful and has proven her value as a broodmare in the quality of her foals. In 2006 we exported Undurra Sharif, Safta's black son by Simeon Shoah, to Europe. Safta's 2005 Imperial Madaar son, Undurra Maarquis was exported to Malaysia and he is now a successful Undurra endurance arabian.

Click to enlarge; Undurra Sharif - black straight Egyptian colt exported to Europe asef riding undurra maarquis 20120628 1453173683thumb              colt foal simeon shoah x simeon safta 20110226 14848889331 simeon safta and undurra kiraa 20130311 11005428731

Left: Undurra Sharif - black straight Egyptian colt exported to Europe 

Sire: Simeon Shoah   Dam:   Simeon Safta

Middle: Undurra Maarquis bay straight Egyptian colt exported to Malaysia 

Sire: Imperial Madaar   Dam: Simeon Safta

Right Simeon Safta foals:  colt by Simeon Shoah and filly by Simeon Saadli  

Many Undurra arabians are purchased for a future in performance - endurance, pony club, dressage or stock work. Others are sold to horse lovers who want the strengths of Russian bloodlines or just a beautiful arabian to love. We also have a demand for straight Egyptian bloodlines and in particular, the bloodlines of the world acclaimed and exquisite arabians of Simeon Stud, Australia. At Undurra we have 'black' bloodlines in many of our arabians and there is a demand for our black progeny.

undurra endurance arabiams 20130301 12513412041

Undurra Geisha (Undurra Shatah x Undurra Siggi) -successful endurance arabian mare in Tasmania, Australia. Geisha completed the gruelling Tom Quilty Gold Cup 24 Hour Endurance Ride in Tasmania, Australia in 2012 coming 6th Lightweight Matt Bennet photo


It is a great source of pride to have Undurra endurance arabians making such a mark in  endurance in Australia and Malaysia. Also just recently, the very successful Undurra Shimon was exported to the Middle East.

These bloodlines are a combination of arabians which have been central to our breeding program for a long time. Ralvon Quiseet by Ralvon Pilgrim and Quiseet's daughter Undurra Mimikka by Milex are contributing to our endurance arabians. Then with the purchase of the huge moving and powerful Russian Simeon Seth'na imported from Holland, we added another valuable bloodline which built on the endurance ability of our arabians. Next came two more Simeon stallions, the straight Egyptian Simeon Shoah and the Egyptian/Russian Simeon Shatah. These two stallions have added very competitive endurance characteristics to our arabians which are evident particularly in the success of Undurra Zahir Shah named South Australian High Point Endurance Horse.


1. Click to enlarge; Undurra Sho'Prince - a future in endurance 2. undurra endurance arabiams 20130301 16892332981 3.undurra endurance arabians 20130301 20824211591 4.undurra endurance arabians 20130301 10796176071  5.lena and evangelique 20120628 201626817916. undurra 20130310 18589083971


1.Undurra Sho'Prince with Bob (Simeon Shoah x Undurra Angelique)

2.Undurra Shimon                   (Simeon Shatah x Undurra Simone) exported to the Middle East

3. Undurra Shah Khan             (Simeon Shatah x Undurra Simone))

4. Undurra Bravehearrt           (Simeon Shoah x Undurra Angelique)

5. Undurra Evangelique           (Simeon Shatah x Undurra Angelique) exported to Malaysia

6. Undurra Zahir Shah             (Simeon Shoah x Undurra Angelique)

Matt Bennet photos 2.3.4.


Recently we have purchased two more exciting straight Egyptian stallions from Simeon Stud. Their bloodlines will complement our beautiful mares. Simeon Shiur by Immesmerize from Simeon Simone (double Asfour) is bay, extremely well balanced and athletic. He is very flamboyant, loves showing off but is quite happy to go along with whatever is asked of him. Simeon Saadli is a black /grey  by the legendary Asfour from the beautiful Ibtehag Albadeia. He is also very athletic and happy to please. He has produced some lovely foals for us this season.

undurra 20130311 17215412291 simeon shiur 20130220 12416075901 Simeon Shiur        

simeon saadli 20130227 18728119151 simeon saadli 20131110 16148265841 Simeon Saadli


Our involvement and interest in arabians has taken us to many countries where we have been able to share many other people's love of the arabian horse. We are fortunate to have visited many studs around the world and have been to major shows in Europe, the US and Britain. Wherever they are, arabian horses have the ability to take your breath away; to give you goosebumps.                                                                                                                  


 1.Click to enlarge; Mares and foals at El Zahraa stud Cairo 1985  2.Click to enlarge; Family holiday to Egypt 1985    3. undurra 20130309 16141471271 4. undurra 20130309 18478143321  5.undurra 20130309 17104505061     6. caleches in marrakech morocco 20120628 1371547372thumb    7. undurra 20130311 15649862951   8.  tetsuma emembers bob and marj 20120628 1934425989thumb  

1. Mares and foals at El Zahraa stud Cairo 1985

2. Family holiday in Cairo 1985

3.Stables at Babolna Stud Hungary 2008

4. Handwritten stud book showing 27 Ibn Galal V  was 'Exported Ausztralia 1977'. Galal is a valuable part of Shoah and Shiur's pedigree.

5. Courtyard at Babolna

6. Caleches (all arabian stallions!) wait for passengers in Marrakech, Morocco 2012 

7.Marj at Menton Show, France 2008. Simeon Sehavi and Shoah are both out of Simeon Sheba.

8. Tetsuma (Undurra Maarquis) remembers Bob and Marj in Penang, Malaysia 2012. 


During the past 40 years, our own arabian horses have been a source of enjoyment, pleasure and many 'goosebumps' whether it has been when we are riding along a bush track, being there when a new foal is born, when our arabian is awarded a ribbon at a show or when a friend rings to say her new Undurra arabian is everything she has dreamed of and more. More than once we have been asked-  "Are you sure this mare hasn't been broken in before?"

undurra 20130311 19862281011 

From the family album - Bob and Marj on Undurra Eurikka and Undurra Monaco - grandsons of Ralvon Quiseet  


undurra shoprince and jo 20130311 10147384091 

Undurra Sho'Prince and Jo at an endurance ride in South Australia 2012 - a very special story!

It gives us great pleasure to help others achieve their arabian dream with an arabian from Undurra Arabians, Australia.