• Scenes from Undurra Arabians
  • Scenes from Undurra Arabians
  • Scenes from Undurra Arabians
  • Scenes from Undurra Arabians
  • Scenes from Undurra Arabians
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Time to Move On


Time to Move On 

Unfortunately due to health reasons, we will be offering all of our very special Undurra Arabians for sale.


Now available for purchase...offers considered

You will find information on all of these arabians throughout our website. 

Straight Egyptians

straight Egyptian stallions and a young straight Egtptian mare with world respected bloodlines


Simeon Saadli S25733

simeon saadli 20131110 14441285201   

black/grey straight Egyptian stallion born 1.10.08

Sire: Asfour

Dam: Ibtehag Albadeia

A classic example of his bloodlines. Born black. Broken in.


Simeon Shiur S25790

simeon shiur 20130220 17397806811  simeon shiur 20130220 12416075901

Bay straight Egyptian stallion born 4.11.10

Sire: Immesmerise

Dam: Simeon Simone

Superbly arabian with a laid back attitude. Black in his bloodlines


Undurra Kiraa F31680

Bay straight Egyptian mare born 8.12.12

Sire: Simeon Saadli

Dam: Simeon Safta (by Simeon Sadik)



Egyptian/Russian/Polish/Australian mares and a stallion who have formed the basis of the extremely competitive Undurra endurance arabians competing in Australia, Malaysia and Dubai.



Simeon Shatah S21348

Grey Egyptian/Russian stallion born 2.4.00

Sire: Akid Geshan

Dam: Simeon Savion

Sire and grand-sire of very successful Undurra endurance arabians in Australia, Malaysia and Dubai



Undurra Angelique F20666

Grey mare Russian/Australian mare born 27.9.95

Sire: Simeon Seth'na (Russian)

Dam: Ralvon Quiseet (by Ralvon Pilgrim)

Angelique is dam of  successful endurance arabians in Australia and overseas


Undurra Simone F23806

Grey mare Russian/Egyptian  born 27.10.99

Sire: Simeon Shoah (Egyptian)

Dam: Undurra Serena (Russian)

Simone is the dam of successful endurance arabians in Australia and overseas


Undurra Lovesong F25274

Bay Russian/Egyptian mare born 6.12.01

Sire: Simeon Shoah (Egyptian)

Dam: Undurra Serena (Russian)

Lovesong has produced black


Undurra Satine F25706

Black Egyptian/Polish/Russian/Australian mare born 26.9.02

Sire: Simeon Shoah (Egyptian)

Dam: Undurra Na'Nooshka (Russian/Polish/Australian)


Undurra Mia F27842

Grey mare Egyptian/Russian /Australian born 20.10.05

Sire: Simeon Shatah (Egyptian/Russian)

Dam: Undurra Monalisa (Egyptian/Australian)


Undurra Alissa F28740

Grey mare Egyptian/Russian/ Australian born 6.9.07

Sire: Undurra Dreamweaver (straight Egyptian)

Dam: Undurra Monalisa (Egyptian/Australian)


Undurra Sweet Symphony F30849

Bay mare Egyptian/ Russian born 20.3.11

Sire: Undurra Maarquis straight Egyptian exp to Malaysia (Imperial Madaar)

Dam: Undurra Lovesong Egyptian/Russian


Undurra Matilda has an exciting new life with Sharni


Best wish to Sharni and Undurra Matilda...set to team up in Victoria, Australia

Matilda is a really pretty filly by Simeon Saadli (straight Egyptian). Her dam is Undurra Monalisa.


pretty undurra filly 20170424 1376593080

view Undurra Matilda's pedigree




Undurra Rowdy and Hussein complete 20km ride


Undurra Rowdy and Hussein complete Rowdy's first 20km endurance ride March 2017

Congratulations Hussein and Rowdy! It's always good to hear of the successes of Undurra horses. 

view Undurra Rowdy's pedigree



Undurra Evangelique competing for selection in the South East Asian Games


Undurra Evangelique competing for selection in the South East Asian Games

Undurra Evangelique and her young rider Aseef are going for selection for the Malaysian team in the South East Asian Games. The duo came a creditable 4th in her latest qualifying ride.

Congratulations to Aseef and Evangelique and owner Abdul Mutalib Ismail. 

We wish you the best of luck.


view Undurra Evangelique pedigree


Undurra Max wins his 80k ride in Tasmania, Australia


Undurra Max wins his 80km ride in Tasmania, Australia

Congratulations to Max and owner/trainer Dale-a great win in the Jill Sheahan 80Km ride recently. 

Undurra Max pedigree


Welcoming our new foals for 2016-17




Undurra Angelique's colt foal born 3rd October 2016

view pedigree

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Undurra Kiraa's filly foal born 12th November 2016

view pedigree

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Undurra Simone's filly foal born 3rd January 2017

view pedigree

 ssussnssdssussrssrssass ss2ss0ss1ss6ss ss1ss7ss ssfssossasslsssss 20170114 1679001219 ssussnssdssussrssrssass ss2ss0ss1ss6ss ss1ss7ss ssfssossasslsssss 20170114 1708210496 ssussnssdssussrssrssass ss2ss0ss1ss6ss ss1ss7ss ssfssossasslsssss 20170114 1768403135


Undurra Satine's filly foal born 26th January 2017

view pedigree

undurra satine with her black filly born 2017 


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Simeon Saadli - Asfour son available for purchase


simeon saadli 20131110 14441285201    simeon saadli 20131110 16148265841  simeon saadli 20131110 15409431071  simeon saadli 20131110 18510846761  simeon saadli 20131110 19819795951  simeon saadli 20131111 14202559761 

Simeon Saadli

being broken in at Forest Edge Equestrian Centre with Marcus

November 2013 

simeon saadli 20131110 13377393541  simeon saadli 20131111 13436439441  simeon saadli 20131111 20766933941 simeon saadli 20131111 19423629291 

Simeon Saadli  (AU)


straight Egyptian black/grey stallion 

view pedigree

born 1.10.08

Sire: Asfour

Dam: Ibtehag Albadeia

This is a very special opportunity to purchase an Asfour stallion - Simeon Saadli. Asfour is highly regarded around the world as the sire of classically beautiful arabians. Saadli's dam is the multi Champion Ibtehag Albadeia imported from Egypt.

Saadli has just begun his breaking in and education - seen here with Marcus at Forest Edge Equestrian Centre, Victoria, Australia. 

Saadli has enormous potential as a ridden arabian in dressage, eventing or endurance. He has very sound legs, is smart and willing and looks a picture under saddle.  He is very athletic and has made great progress in the dressage arena and out on trails through the Australian bush.

The bloodlines carried by Simeon Saadli are precious bloodlines and valued worldwide. Saadli has  proven himself as a sire, having sired three very nice foals for us last season. They can be viewed on our website.